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  • Mulero, María Carmen; Ferres-Marco, Dolors; Islam, Abul; Margalef, Pol; Pecoraro, Matteo; Toll, Agustí; Drechsel, Nils; Charneco, Cristina; Davies, Shelly; Bellora, Nicolás; Gallardo, Fernando; López-Arribillaga, Erika; Asensio-Juan, Elena; Rodilla, Verónica; González, Jessica; Iglesias, Mar; Shih, Vincent; Albà, M. Mar; Di Croce, Luciano; Hoffmann, Alexander; Miyamoto, Shigeki; Villà-Freixa, Jordi; López Bigas, Núria; Keyes, William M.; Domínguez, María; Bigas, Anna; Espinosa, Lluís (Elsevier, 2013)
    IkB proteins are the primary inhibitors of NF-kB. Here, we demonstrate that sumoylated and phosphorylated IkBa accumulates in the nucleus of keratinocytes and interacts with histones H2A and H4 at the regulatory region ...
  • Gallardo, Fernando; Padrón, Andreina; Garcia Carbonell, Ricard; Rius Rafael, Cristina; González Perez, Abel; Arumí Uria, Montserrat; Iglesias, Mar; Nonell, Lara; Bellosillo, Beatriz; Segura, Sonia; Pujol, Ramon Maria; López Bigas, Núria; Bertran, Joan; Bigas, Anna; Espinosa, Lluís (2015)
    Invasive malignant melanoma (MM) is an aggressive tumor with no curative therapy available in advanced stages. Nuclear corepressor (NCoR) is an essential regulator of gene transcription, and its function has been found ...

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