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  • Solé-Casals, Jordi; Zaiats, Vladimir (Springer, 2010)
    This paper deals with non-linear transformations for improving the performance of an entropy-based voice activity detector (VAD). The idea to use a non-linear transformation has already been applied in the field of ...
  • Solé-Casals, Jordi; Faundez-Zanuy, Marcos (Elsevier, 2006)
    In this paper we propose the inversion of nonlinear distortions in order to improve the recognition rates of a speaker recognizer system. We study the effect of saturations on the test signals, trying to take into account ...
  • Solé-Casals, Jordi; Munteanu, C.; Martin, O.C.; Barbé, F.; Queipo, C.; Amilibia, J.; Durán-Cantolla, J. (Elsevier, 2014)
    tThis paper deals with the potential and limitations of using voice and speech processing to detect Obstruc-tive Sleep Apnea (OSA). An extensive body of voice features has been extracted from patients whopresent various ...
  • Monte-Moreno, Enric; Chetouani, Mohamed; Faundez-Zanuy, Marcos; Solé-Casals, Jordi (Elsevier, 2009)
    Biometric system performance can be improved by means of data fusion. Several kinds of information can be fused in order to obtain a more accurate classification (identification or verification) of an input sample. In ...

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