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  • Izquierdo Useros, Nuria; Lorizate, M.; McLaren, P.J.; Telenti, Amalio; Kräusslich, H.G.; Martinez Picado, Francisco Javier (Public Library of Science, 2014)
    Dendritic cells (DCs) are essential in order to combat invading viruses and trigger antiviral responses. Paradoxically, in the case of HIV-1, DCs might contribute to viral pathogenesis through trans-infection, a ...
  • Pino, Maria; Erkizia, Itziar; Benet, Susana; Erikson, Elina; Fernández Figueras, María Teresa; Guerrero, Dolores; Dalmau, Judith; Ouchi, Dan; Rausell, Antonio; Ciuffi, Angela; Keppler, Oliver T.; Telenti, Amalio; Kräusslich, H.G.; Martinez Picado, Francisco Javier; Izquierdo Useros, Nuria (BioMed Central, 2015)
    Background: Myeloid cells are key players in the recognition and response of the host against invading viruses. Paradoxically, upon HIV-1 infection, myeloid cells might also promote viral pathogenesis through trans-infection, ...
  • Molinos-Albert, Luis M.; Bilbao, Eneritz; Agulló, Luis; Marfil, Sílvia; García, Elisabet; Rodríguez de la Concepción, Maria L.; Izquierdo Useros, Nuria; Vilaplana, Cristina; Nieto-Garai, Jon A.; Contreras, F. Xabier; Floor, Martin; Cardona, Pere J.; Martinez Picado, Francisco Javier; Clotet, Bonaventura; Villà-Freixa, Jordi; Lorizate, M.; Carrillo, Jorge; Blanco, Julià (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    The HIV-1 gp41 Membrane Proximal External Region (MPER) is recognized by broadly neutralizing antibodies and represents a promising vaccine target. However, MPER immunogenicity and antibody activity are influenced by ...

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