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  • Gutiérrez, Patricia Carolina; Pradell, Trinitat; Molera Marimon, Judit; Smith, Andrew D.; Climent-Font, Aurelio; Tite, Michael S. (American Ceramic Society, 2010)
    Golden-like luster decorations on glazed ceramics from early Islamic times (9–12th centuries AD) consist of a nanocomposite submicrometric layer made of silver metal nanoparticles. The color and golden-like reflectivity ...
  • Pradell, Trinitat; Pavlov, Radostin S.; Gutiérrez, Patricia Carolina; Climent-Font, Aurelio; Molera Marimon, Judit (American Institute of Physics, 2012)
    Lusters are composite thin layers of coinage metal nanoparticles in glass displaying peculiar optical properties and obtained by a process involving ionic exchange, diffusion, and crystallization. In particular, the ...

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