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  • Borralleras Andreu, Cristina; Ferreira, Maria; Rubio, Albert (Springer, 2000)
    Although theoretically it is very powerful, the semantic path ordering (SPO) is not so udeful in practice, since its monotonicity has to be proved by hand for each concrete term rewrite system (TRS). In this paper we present ...
  • Borralleras Andreu, Cristina; Rubio, Albert (Springer, 2003)
    Abstract. Polynomial interpretations and RPO-like orderings allow one to prove termination of Associative and Commutative (AC-)rewriting by only checkingthe rules of the given rewrite system. However, these methods have ...
  • Borralleras Andreu, Cristina; Lucas, Salvador; Oliveras, Albert; Rodríguez-Carbonell, Enric; Rubio, Albert (04-10-2012)
    Polynomial constraint solving plays a prominent role in several areas of hardware and software analysis and verification, e.g., termination proving, program invariant generation and hybrid system verification, to name a ...
  • Bofill, Miquel; Borralleras Andreu, Cristina; Rodríguez-Carbonell, Enric; Rubio, Albert (Oxford University Press, 06-2012)
    In most termination tools two ingredients, namely recursive path orderings (RPOs) and polynomial interpretation orderings (POLOs), are used in a consecutive disjoint way to solve the final constraints generated from the ...

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